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LFC-RX is an award-winning San Francisco Bay Area animation studio and 3D medical visualization content creator for the healthcare industry.

We create engaging, innovative designs that produce clear and beautiful visuals whether Illustrated, animated or combined with live-action.

We bring on target expertise to MOA’s, MOD’s, Clinical Guides, Regulatory Submissions, Medical Illustrations and 3D Visualizations, ones that stand out on the smallest of screens or giant displays.


LFC-RX demonstrates knowledge, culled over twenty years of creative experience in the field of medical animation and scientific illustration.

The studio's aim is to synthesize the strength of our clients' expertise with that of our team in a collaborative spirit to enable each project to shine.

We are a full service animation studio committed to providing all components of healthcare projects from conception through production to delivery.


At LFC-RX no problem is left unsolved. We expertly tease out complex concepts and translate those stories into compelling visual narratives.

We design, test, refine and develop experiences that take our clients ideas to the next level.

We aim for flawless, integrated graphics that clarify difficult subject matter to allow for easy understanding.

LFC-RX award-winning visuals span the industry from broadcast commercials to online digital content and proprietary projects.


Middlesex Hospitals
Middlesex Hospitals




There’s a philosophy here that goes back centuries, even before da Vinci created his illustrations of Man. A unique collaboration exists between you - as the visual translator of complex technical information - and the many scientists, pharmaceutical professionals and overseeing government agencies that labor in this field.

It’s our job to create striking imagery that, with just one glance, accurately conveys the purpose of the product whilst also elevating the narrative.

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Dynavax | Illustration by LFC-RX a Bay Area Medical Production Studio


LFC-RX Awards

  • Pixie Award – Gold
  • MITX Award – Gold
  • RX Club Award
  • Pharma Choice Award – Silver
  • Telly Award – Silver x 2
  • Ad Club Connecticut – Gold x 8
  • Ad Club Connecticut – Gold x 3
  • Connecticut Art Directors Club x 3
  • MM&M Award
  • Global Award
  • RX Club Award
  • Clio Healthcare Award
  • Telly Award - Silver

Campaign Judged with Accolades

LFC Awards

“Hospital and healthcare advertising tends to be fairly predictable — smiling patients and doctors in pristine hospital rooms with a reassuring voice-over and a tasteful piano soundtrack.

The Middlesex Hospital TV spot surprised me with its bold execution. The beautiful, high-contrast animation and swirling, vibrant colors have an immediate wow-factor that forces the viewer to sit up and take notice.

The campaign narrative, The Smarter Choice for Care, speaks to the fact that Middlesex Hospital does things differently — embracing new technologies and ways of thinking about medicine and patient care. The design execution supports that claim perfectly. The spot is a wonderful example of how a creative execution can really make a concept sing.”

~ Jason Carreiro - Connecticut Art Directors Club.


Interested in working with us?
Let's talk about your project today.

Betsy de Fries
Executive Producer

Interested in working with us?
Let's talk about your project today.

Betsy de Fries
Executive Producer